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Friendship with God Part 1

Episode 1

Friendship with God Part 2

Episode 2

Fear Not

Episode 3

The Kind of Man God Hears Part 1 HUMILITY

Episode 4

The Kind of Man God Hears Part 2 PRAYER

Episode 5

The Kind of Man God Hears Part 3 PURITY

Episode 6

GOD HAS A MIRACLE FOR YOU!(Interview with Len Rutten)

Episode 7

The Kind of Man God Hears Part 4 SEEKING GOD’S FACE

Episode 8



Interview with Yukon Gold’s Cam Johnson!

Episode 10

When Jesus Calls You FRIEND

Episode 11

The Last Breakfast

Episode 12

Steve gets the boot at the Wailing Wall!!!

Episode 13

The Kingdom Revisited PT1

Episode 14

The Kingdom Revisited PT2

Episode 15

The Kingdom Revisited PT3

Episode 16

Getting Drunk On God

Episode 17

How do I know if I am going to Heaven

Episode 18

Praying Prayers that Cannot be Refused

Episode 19

Spiritual Prisons

Episode 20

How To Be Led by the Spirit

Episode 21

Spiritual Fathering

Episode 22

The BIG Life

Episode 23

The Presence and the Blessing it Brings

Episode 24

Who’s Yo Daddy?

Episode 25


Episode 26

A Childlike Heart

Episode 27

The Power of Intercession

Episode 28

Why all the disciples disobeyed Jesus concerning baptism

Episode 29

The Feasts of the Lord: Interview with Paul Keith Davis

Episode 30

The Feasts of the Lord Part 2: Interview with Paul Keith Davis

Episode 31

Accessing Unseen Realms PT 1

Episode 32

Accessing Unseen Realms PT 2

Episode 33

The Purpose & Power of Fasting: Interview with Chris Mathis

Episode 34

“Gender Bender”: Interview with Laura-Lynn Thompson

Episode 35

Fasting & Prayer (with Dean Briggs)

Episode 36

The Holy Spirit & Fire

Episode 37

Prayer and Fasting: An interview with Mahesh Chavda

Episode 38

Biker Sunday: An Interview with Steve Harrison

Episode 39

Eating Disorders

Episode 40

Weak Enough to Work Through

Episode 41

The Name of the Lord(why we baptize in Jesus Name)

Episode 42

Breaking Free From Spiritual Prisons

Episode 43

Prospering in a Time of Famine

Episode 44

The Mindset of an Overcomer

Episode 45

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